Thea Gilmore was born in 1979, in, Oxford, daughter of Irish parents. Short stories and poems began to appear from an early age, some of them were to win prizes.

Music was always present, a regular surfeit of Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and sixties soul ensured that Thea managed to bypass the eighties and quietly develop her own musical sensibilities.
The discovery of Tom Waits, Elvis Costello, Paul Westerberg, The Replacements, two family deaths and the break up of her parents' marriage inspired her to write and she began to use music as an emotional outlet. Thea left home at sixteen, amusing herself by tea-making at a local recording studio.She then formed her own record label Shameless and soon released her debut album "Burning Dorothy" through Fire/Pinnacle.

Thea's songwriting had, with apparent ease, achieved an alarmingly high standard, revealing itself to have depth, melodic ingenuity and a honing device tuned to that part of the listeners psyche where the response is instinctive and lasting. After another press-acclaimed long player "The Lipstick Conspiracies" (Shameless/Naim), Thea made her breakthrough at national radio in the summer of 2001 via limited edition 6-track EP "As If", which has seen Thea championed by Radio 2 as a playlist artist.

By today's rather peculiar norms, Thea is prolific in terms writing and recording. But she1s been remarkably self-assured and consistent since the beginning - the album's are "all of a piece" whilst each builds significantly upon the last - so that Thea has already created a remarkable body of work, while those less fortunate languish in record label "development".

"The industry can and will try to limit output, to make it all controllable and regimented, but that just stems creativity at the source, and unfortunately stagnates music across the world. That's really why Shameless came into being, it gave me an opportunity to do things as I wanted to, so I could establish myself as me and not a Barbie doll!"

Thea Gilmore is developing nicely all by herself, into one of the UK's most refreshing and most incisive new talents, with Radio 2 bringing her to a huge new audience...this girl is taking bets...